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 Web Site Design

Jentek Company will create a great web site for your company!. We work with you to present your company material in a logical, user-friendly, visually appropriate, and eye-catching way.
Jentek Company offers advice not only on the structure of your information, crucial to web site success, but also on the visual images with which to put that information across. The visual presentation must support and enhance your message! But your message is the key!

 Some Sites Designed by Jentek Company
Click on the links below to visit each site. (Note: Each link is programmed to appear in a new browser window. This sometimes appears behind your present window. Just resize the top window to reveal the one underneath.)

E. Joan Horrocks, Sculptor
This site shows the depth and breadth of sculptor and ceramicist, E. Joan Horocks, with views of pieces, installations and photographs.
See About Joan for her resumé.

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen
Recipes from the East for Health, Healing and Long Life.
About the book.
About the authors.

Polson Iron Works
A site documenting ships and engines built by the Polson Iron Works, a thriving ship-building company active in the late 1800s and early 1900s in Toronto, Canada.

DUO Music
Margot Rydall, flute,Ivan Zilman, guitar. Buy their CDs, see concert listings. "... an obviously elegant sound that reaches out to a global audience..." Nancy Wilson, CBC/Newsworld Television

Murmade Creative
Murmade Creative offers photographic images through lensless photography and digital graphic services. Murray Polson brings an extensive background in visual arts and graphic design to the unique offerings of Murmade Creative.

Mika Ono
Writer for scientific and web purposes. For references and background, see this site. Jentek Company conceived of the analogy and designed layout, graphics, etc.

Rogers Protofab
Designed content, layout, navigation and colour scheme. Primary purpose of the site is to demonstrate the breadth of capabilities of Rogers Protofab in machining custom parts for a range of applications. A 'Request for Information' interactive form is included.

Let's Make Music
Hey kids, we believe that music is a part of daily life and we want to make it a part of yours too ! ! We offer a week long music program that is designed for 3-5 year olds.

Home Computer Support
Prepared layout and navigation from company brochures for this entrepreneurial computer support company in Barrie.

Wild Garden
This site was designed to support the retrospective, posthumously published book on the work of dian marino.

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